Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Male Cop Dresses as Amish Woman

Pennsylvania police try to trap sex predator

In what has to be among the weirdest police stings ever, a male cop in Pennsylvania dressed up like an Amish woman and tried to lure a sexual predator.
Sgt. Chad Adams of the Pulaski Township Police Department explains that he walked up and down the town's streets over a two-month span after police got reports of a flasher exposing himself to kids, reports AP. Adams didn't catch his predator, but police think that's because the main suspect was arrested in another county.

"I wanted to share with you that we will use all means available to try and protect our children,” Adams wrote on the department's Facebook page. “That includes dressing up as an Amish woman to attempt to apprehend a pervert!” Adams tells the Daily News that he checked with local Amish residents to make sure they were OK with the plan—and they actually lent him the clothes he used.

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