Monday, April 14, 2014

India: Young Boy Rescued From Well After 6-Hour Ordeal

After almost six hours of work, a boy was rescued from a well in #India.

The young boy had fallen down a narrow borehole on a farm in the village of Kuthalaperi on Monday and was stuck at a depth of about 20 feet, the Press Trust of India reports. The Times of India identified the boy as 4-year-old Harshan Tamilsevi.

Though the rescue team struggled to pull the boy out of the 8-inch-wide shaftway, they were able to dig a parallel pit in order to reach him.

Villagers cheered as the boy was pulled out of the well and reunited with his family, The Hindu notes. He is reportedly in good condition.

It seems the boy's family had recently excavated the 400-foot borehole as a well, but, when the hole yielded no water, they abandoned it. The young boy slipped and fell into the narrow opening while he was crossing the property with his father.

The rescue team responded quickly after the boy became trapped in the well around 10 a.m. Monday morning. In other incidents in which children have fallen down boreholes in the region, it's taken much longer for the stranded kids to be freed -- oftentimes to their detriment.

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